How to order?

The Directorate Equipment of the Directorate-General Civil Security amongst other things writes specifications the emergency rescue zones and the Civil Protection can use to order their fire equipment: from vehicles to personal protective equipment and smaller “non-rolling” equipment such as pumps and fire hoses.

Purchases through the Directorate Equipment

Below you find a few tips to fill in your order form. This way you are always sure to receive the equipment you wanted to order and this through the right specifications of the Directorate-General Civil Security.

What definitely needs to be mentioned on the order form:

  • Item you want to order
  • Amount
  • Specifications number
  • Supplier
  • Delivery and billing address
  • Delivery time
  • Name and contact information of the contact person

Send this order form directly to the supplier and send a copy to the Directorate Equipment (by e-mail to or by letter to Directorate-General Civil Security, attn. Directorate Equipment, Leuvenseweg 1, 1000 Brussels).

Purchases through the Federal Tender Centre (FOR-CMS)

The Directorate Equipment has made sure the emergency rescue zones can also purchase some equipment through the Federal Tender Centre (FOR-CMS). FOR-CMS offers in its electronic catalogue everything from laptops and office requisites to office furniture and delivery vans.


  1. As the responsible person for the commands in an emergency rescue zone, you ask FOR-CMS for a password by e-mail (with your work e-mail address) or by phone.
  2. You go to the website of FOR-CMS. There you have access, with this password, to the electronic catalogue. In this catalogue all contracts, prices, order forms, excerpts of the specifications, technical documents, information on the files that are being prepared, etc., are mentioned.
  3. You send your order form to the lowest tenderer for a certain product by registered letter, by fax or by any other means that makes it possible to determine the send date in a convincing manner. The lowest tenderer can be found in the online catalogue at the product you want to purchase. The following information definitely needs to be mentioned on your order form:
  • the customer who orders, the customer who pays and the addressee;
  • the name of the contact person and the phone and fax numbers;
  • the number of the special specifications;
  • the articles to be delivered.

As an emergency rescue zone, you are only responsible for the information mentioned on your order form. In case of doubt (illegible order form, …), the lowest tenderer will directly contact you before executing the delivery. FOR-CMS can by no means be held responsible for possible problems.

Contact details FOR-CMS
Tel. 02 790 54 41