Reform of the Civil Protection

The reform plan for the Civil Protection was communicated by Minister of Security and Home Affairs Jan Jambon on 4 April 2017. This reform confirms the position and added value of the interventions of the Civil Protection within Civil Security. It guarantees operational and investment budgets for the future and aims to strengthen the resources in order to be able to face new risks such as terrorism and climate change.


The aim of the Civil Protection is to become a more specialised, efficient and modern emergency service, recognised for its complementary expertise within Civil Security at two levels: the Civil Protection at federal level and the emergency rescue zones at local level.


Specifically, the main principles of this new organisation are the following:

  • two operational units : Crisnée and Brasschaat, true centres of expertise.

  • a thorough specialisation in terms of the missions and the equipment collected in 4 groups, called "clusters": CBRN, Search And Rescue, Heavy Technical Deployment and Incident & Crisis Management

  • a more interesting administrative and financial status in line with that of the fire brigade

  • a new status for volunteers in line with that of professionals;

  • a customized working scheme

  • a rationalisation of the operational staff spread over the two units