Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers

In case of incidents with dangerous substances, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers advise the commanders and policy makers on these substances and the possible means to deal with them. They develop a method and do so, taking into account the surroundings and the environment.

In 2010, 2011 and 2013 a postgraduate Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers was organized, which resulted in about 40 new dangerous goods safety advisers. This training consists of a basic training with a scientific underpinning in which the university gives chemistry that is related to the fire departments. This first part is completed with a practical component, given by firemen and the provincial training centre, in which for instance the safety of the transport of dangerous substances, the calculation of the safe distance compared to a chemical leak and the method in case of a fire in a lab with bacteria or viruses are discussed.
The first “generation” of dangerous goods safety advisers followed their training in the Netherlands.

Call Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers

In the provinces where there are already dangerous goods safety advisers and where there is a standby duty, they are called through the EC112. Some corpses dispose of their own dangerous goods safety advisers they can call themselves.